lost in passion
still moving around today
city of romance
whether straight or gay
on any given day

run away from pain in vain
maybe there is another way
take a short linger
if I may
to enjoy this ordinary day

chirping blue jay
flies across sun ray
wanna make it stay
the blossom in May
or just like yesterday

quietly should I lay
by the old town bay
nothing said or done
just an ordinary day...

P.S. July 1st is Canada Day, in Montreal/Quebec however, it' moving day, a mockery as a result of the feud between the French Candaian and the rest. Montreal is my favorite city, it has F1 racing, jazz festival, comedy central, and awesome gay parade. Laughing What's more charming is the people, so passionate and friendly, even if you speak only English. wink What can I say, a lovely city on an ordinary day!