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r418mot 写到:
It is not underexposure, at least according to the measurement of the camera. You can say it is minus compensation or negative compensation. Although it is not important, others can easily tell whether you are an experienced photographer or a beginner according to the terms you use.

oops Thanks, I just changed it.
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good job, colder!
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suyu1997 写到:
I really like this one.
Did you try different things on this setting, say, larger DOF (depth of field), smaller DOF, put the leave completely on those tiles, etc...
If I were you, I would have no problem to use a whole roll of film or even more. This kind of setting is what I dream to see.

Thank suyu and other friends for suggestions and comments.
It was my first time for snow pics, and thank Mot for his 'Seminar for dummy's photography'. We just learned compensation. wink

I didn't prepared such early snow, so I just brought my 75-300mm at that time. I did tried several compositions for that leaf with very limited choices. Most of all, my shoes were leaking, and thank god I am not 'persisant high fever', otherwise I am right now counting how many toes I still have at home. Laughing

But I do feel that a lot of people are interesting in snow photography. Maybe Mot should consider organizing a group outing next time.

Here is last pic to share with my friends. Enjoy!