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. Bottle: 1 pack of 3 9oz Avent bottle. (Dr. Brown).
About the baby bottle, don't buy more than one bottles of the same kind (brand), because you don't know which one you baby will like. Also, I prefer the disposable bottle (I use
the Avent one), there is less gas for the baby. But more important, you don't have to sterilize them. After each use, throw away the liner, rinse the bottle, you are done.

2. Carseat & stroller: Graco Quotro Tour travel system. nice but very heavy. If you live in upstair apartment with no elevator, think twice about it. I bought them seperately from Target cheaper.
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obido ... oliid=IJ2HTDAQG4S5M

3. Clothes: 6 0-3month sleepers: one zip sleepers. Bodysuits are too hard to put on a tiny baby. Again, Target is a nice place to shop -- the price is low and the print is cute. Don't buy too many clothes on this stage, they'll outgrow them really soon. 我觉得BB的衣服可以多准备几件DIAPER SHIRT,又舒服又方便. 小袜子(GAP的3-ROLL BABY SOCKS, 宝宝踢不掉).小帽字, 宝宝小手套(宝宝的指甲可是很锋利的)

4. Receiving blankets: 4. About $5.99/1 pack of 4 in Target.

5. Baby blankets: 3. one for crib, one for car.

6. Crib and 3 Crib sheets, crib bumper. CRIB MUSIC MOBILE.
CRIB MATTRESS 和MATTRESS PAD (不要买那种防水的,那有一种塑料的气味,而且CRIB MATTRESS表面一般就是防水的.)

7. plenty of burping cloth, I use 6 small hand towels.

8. Pamper newborn diapers:
pampers newborn. It's their premium line, so better quality than the baby-dry diaper. More importantly, it's has the tab which is cut off, this won't upset the umbilical cord.

9. Baby wipe
About baby wipes, I used the supposed most gently baby wipe (France made Mustela) on my newborn daughter, her bottom became after only one use. newborn's skin is just too gentle. I didn't try other brand. But intead I use the cotton balls with warm water to clean
her. The cotton ball sold in babyR us is of good quality, the fabric don't come off easily.
The one sold at target is not as good. You can also try the "softnet cleaner", it's a sheet of paper which has net on them, it's very soft and strong, the fabric doesn't come off.

10. Bathtub. 要是第一次做父母,给孩子买个洗澡用的能托住他背部的架子,具体英文名字我不记得了,很好用,我一个人给BB洗澡都OK.
Sure Comfort Newborn-to-Toddler Tub by The First Years (many recommendations): Target, 15.99
http://www.target.com/gp/detail. ... 842?asin=B000067EH7

11. Rectal thermometer: the 10-second model.

12. Baby comb and brush, nail clipper (the First Year brand works very well).

13. Wash cloth: 2.

14. Hooded towels: 2.

15. Q-tip and cotton ball, 消毒棉和酒精

16. Bottle drying rack. 一口大锅用来煮宝宝的奶瓶奶嘴等消毒用,不要用它煮菜奥. 洗奶瓶奶嘴的刷

17. 吸鼻器

18. DIAPER RASH CREAM需要备好.洗完澡抹上,就不容易长了, BABY OIL, BABY POWDER (如果不想用一般的粉的话,GERBER有一种ROLLON POWDER,是涂上去的,粉不会飘起来,只是我没试过.宝宝PP上还是涂点粉好.)

19. 吸奶器 Medela in style

20. PEDIALYTE, 因为宝宝容易吐或者拉肚子, Tylenol




24. Changing table (IKEA, compact with crib if space limited)

25. Bath Shower Spray
http://sassybaby.com/sassybaby/c ... p;linkon=subsection

Steam Sterilizer By The First Years $44.99 (Amazon.com or Babiesrus.com)

Philips Portable Baby Bottle Warmer by Philips $29.99 (Target.com)
不要买Night & Day Bottle Warmer By The First Years,它看起来不错,可是很难掌握温度,冷藏盒用处不大,还挺占地方,我用了一阵,实在觉得不好用,只好退了。

28、Nursing Pad
Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads $6.99 (Amazon.com)
如果你要母乳喂养,一定要买Nursing Pad,我用过好几种,Medela的和这种最好用,但这种比Medela的便宜3美元。千万不要买那种UltraThin Pad By Gerber,It’s use less。也不要买那种Washable Pad by Avent,它吸水力也不行,白天用用还凑合,晚上根本没用。
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Breast Pump --- I bought the Avent Isis Manual Pump at first, which is shown
in the picture below. If you won’t be away from your baby and the pump is
just for breast engorgement, it’ll be fine. But if you will be traveling or
working, this is not as powerful as Medela electronic ones. I bought Medela
pump in style traveler later. It’s very convenient and I’ve never used the
Avent one since. So if you are sure you will be away from your baby, I suggest
you invest in a Medela at the very beginning. It has manual feature, any way.

Nursing Pillow --- Extremely helpful in the first couple of months, when baby
is really small.

Bottles and Newborn Nipples--- If you are planning breast feeding, this is not
very important. However, if you will be away from your baby, you’d better
start try bottle-feeding around 4-6 weeks. After that, it’s relatively hard
for baby to accept a bottle. Also notice that when you buy Avent product like
Isis pump, there will be bottles in the package (We didn’t buy any before Amy
was born). In addition, some babies are really picky about bottle, so you
might need to try different brands.

Nursing Bras --- Extremely helpful if you are planning breast feeding. Buy at
least one size and one cup bigger. For example, if you are 32A before
pregnancy, you might need 34B or 34C or even bigger. You can buy a couple of
them before giving birth and buy more when you are sure about your size. The
ones at motherhood.com are not bad.

Nursing Pads --- I find disposable ones (I like Gerber contour for medium and
heavy flow) very useful in the first couple of months when my milk supply is
more than enough. Since the leaking was really severe, using washable ones
still gave me wet shirts. Later on when the leakage is not a big concern, the
washable ones are fine.

Breast cream --- Extremely helpful for the first couple of weeks. Your nurse
might recommend some brand. I find Lansinoh very good.

Burping cloths --- Never had any. Some find them useful, though. I just let
Amy spit on me. : p.

Bottle Warmer --- Never had any.

Bottle Sterilizer --- Avent Express Microwave Steam Sterilizer is very
convenient. I’d call it a “must-have”. And in the package there are 4

Bottle Drying Rack --- Never had any.

Bottle Brush --- 1 should be enough. I bought mine at wal-mart.

Pacifiers --- Different babies have different preference. Amy likes the Avent
ones. I guess it’s because she uses Avent bottle and nipples. I didn’t give
it to her until she was 1 month old to avoid nipple confusion. And she quit
using it when she was 4 months old. She just didn’t like it any more. Some
babies keep sucking on it till 3 years old. If you are afraid your babies
gonna be like that, just don’t offer them any. So basically I suggest you
hold off such things after your baby is born. The hospital will give you one
for free any way.

Rattle and Teether --- Amy started to notice such things when she was 2 or 3
months. So again, you don’t need to pile up stock on this. But I couldn’t
resist buying them before Amy was born. So it’s up to you.

Baby Care

Baby Thermometer --- Don’t use the mercury ones. They are considered not
safe. Buy a digital one which can be used rectally because that’s the most
accurate way for newborns.
I don’t think brand matters. I bought mine at Wal-mart.

Baby Nail Scissor, Brush --- I cut Amy’s nails when she was 2 days old. You
can certainly use the ones you use for yourself. But I feel they are way too
big. There are a lot of other accessories. But we only have these two and find
it enough so far.

Nasal Aspirator --- very useful for us.

Room Thermometer --- very useful for us, you might want one of those meters
that can tell humidity, too. Adults are not as sensitive as newborns. Some
time you feel comfortable while they don’t. So these meters can help.

Diaper Pail --- Never had any.


Bath Tub --- We bought ours at IKEA, which is the first one below. It’s not
as fancy as the second one, which is for new born. But we use a certain bath
rack from wal-mart in it and it worked fine. Later when Amy is bigger we take
the rack out and it’s much bigger.

Bath Towel --- They are cute. But actually our normal bath towel works, too.

Soft Washcloths --- We bought about a dozen. It’s more than enough.

Bath Toy --- We bought a couple, again, just because they are cute. But up
until now, 6 months, Amy still doesn’t pay much attention to them.

Bath Water Thermometer --- We have one, never used it. Maybe for the first
couple of baths you’d need it to avoid freaking out yourself. But generally
you can just feel it to know.

We bought a package of these things, including shampoo, wash, and lotion.
There are some other fancy stuffs; like baby oil, rubbing alcohol, sun block.
We don’t have them, and never need them. Recently Amy had eczema. And our ped
said J&J is not very good. She said the only thing special about baby
toiletries is that they are marketed for babies. She recommended a couple of
brands, including Dove and Nivea, which I am using. So I don’t think you need
to buy these things special for your baby.

Mild soap for laundry --- We just wash Amy’s clothes together with ours, so
never have this.

Cotton swabs

Cotton Balls --- Before Amy was 1 month old, we use this and water to clean
her bottoms. But wipes are fine, too, I think.

Petroleum jelly --- Useful, especially when you want to take the baby’s
temperature rectally.

Diaper ointment (cream) --- Definitely a must have.

Alcohol Swabs --- You’d need this to clean baby’s belly button for a week or

Car Seat

Without this, you cannot take your baby out of the hospital. You can get an
infant car seat, or a convertible car seat. The latter one can be used for
much longer. But normally they are ugly.

Full size stroller --- We get ours as a travel system, which including an
infant car seat.

Umbrella Stroller (with sun-shielding) --- We haven’t got ours, so I don’t
think you’d worry about this just yet.

We don’t have it, mostly because we don’t have that much room in an

We have a bouncer. Amy started to sit in it when she was 1 week old. She likes
it a lot.

Some babies like swing better. We didn’t buy it because we don’t have that
much room.

We just bought ours last week. So you don’t need to worry about it just yet.
And again, because we don’t have that much room, we bought a booster, which
serves fine.


Diapers --- We tried 3 different brands, pampers, huggies and white cloud from
walmart. We find white cloud’s new born size very good, not as chunky as the
other two. But starting size 1, they are not as good as the other two. We like
pampers the best for size 1-2 and size 3, quality-wise and anti-leaking-wise.
We bought them either from Sams’ Club or Babiesrus (when we have coupons).
Amy was born rather small, so we used 3 packs new born size (80 each). I guess
you guys only need to buy new born ones. And since hospital will give you
some, plus, if you register online, you’d always get samples, you can try
different brand to see which one you like.
You can also use washable diapers. There are diaper services, which are not as
expensive as I thought. It’s almost the same price as you purchased
disposable ones.

Wipes --- Brands don’t make a difference to us.

Formula --- If you register on babycenter.com or something like that, they’d
send you samples.

Nursery Furniture
Crib --- I think the most important feature is that you should be able to
lower the sidebar by one hand.

Mattresses --- Don’t buy foam ones. They are not as good as coiled ones.

Mattress pad --- My mom made this for us. And I think you should have at least
one. It’s not very comfortable sleeping directly on the mattress. Some use
waterproof ones. But I don’t think those waterproof material is very
comfortable. Plus, I think disposable diapers can prevent wetting bed pretty
well. Amy hasn’t wet her bed once.

Changing table --- We don’t have a changing table. We just change her on our
bed. Again, it’s because we don’t have that much space.

Changing pad --- We don’t have it either. The bed is soft enough. But if you
have a changing table, then you have to have this.

Bedding/Room Décor
Crib sheet --- We have 2, quite enough.

Receiving Blankets --- Buy the 30 x 40 ones. There are a lot of 30x30 ones on
the market. They are too small. And you don’t need to buy too many. We bought
4, never used them to wrap Amy, though. The reason is that new fabric is not
that comfy. We took half a dozen from the hospital. They don’t have fancy
patterns. But since they have been washed over and over again, they are really

Waterproof pad --- We don’t have any.

Quilt --- We don’t have any. In winter, we just layered her using our quilt.

Crib Blanket --- Don’t have any, either.

Bedding Set --- We bought one set from IKEA, really cheap, $20, including a
fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a blanket, and a bumper around the crib. And that
’s actually quite enough. We found the bumpers people put around the crib
very distracting for baby. We stopped using it after we started training Amy
to sleep. So I don’t recommend you buy those fancy bedding set. But again,
they are really cute.

Mobile --- Amy started noticing it around she was 1 months old. I don’t think
she’d notice other toys, like stuffed animals, though.

Books --- We started reading to her quite early. She always fell asleep,

Baby Gym --- Amy started to really play with it around she was 3 months old.
Before that she just stared at it.

Body suits --- Newborns are really small. The only body suits we found fit are
those newborn sets. For example, 4 body suits in one plastic bag. We bought
Gerber ones. Really nice and cute. When they get bigger, body suits are the
essential piece. Most of Amy’s clothes are body suits. Before giving birth,
other than the newborn sets, you can buy 3 to 4 in 0- 3 months size, and 3 to
4 in 3- 6 months. That should be quite enough.

Snap Shirts --- We bought 4, and took half a dozen from the hospital. They are
quite useful before the umbilical cord fell off.

Gown --- We have 2 of them, not very useful though. We always swaddled Amy
when she is sleeping.

T-shirts --- We have a couple of them, not very useful though. Because wearing
this, the little belly is exposed. So we always put Amy in her body suits.

Sleeper --- Really useful in winter. We put Amy in these even when we go out
because they are the best when it comes to keeping baby warm. Sam’s Club has
some good deal all year around.

Jump suit --- A couple of them would be enough. They are cute. But normally a
body suit would be enough indoors. And babies don’t go out that often.

Sweater --- We have two of them, and quite enough.

Outerwear --- Since Amy was born in the fall, we didn’t buy hers until that
Thanksgiving. We took her to the mall and try different ones on her before
she got really mad. And it turned out to be too small. She outgrew it when she
was 5 months old. And the one we bought is for 9 months old. So when you buy
this sort of things, you have to consider the weather and the size of your

Hat --- Even though Amy has a big head, the hat we bought were still way too
big for her in her early days. We ended up bought a couple of hats for
preemies. So you need to consider size when you buy them. Since infants need
hats to keep their temperature all the time, you’d need at least 2 of them.

Bib --- We only started use bib when we started bottle feeding. And a cloth
can work fine, too. So you don’t need too many, a couple of them would be

Mitten --- Babies scratch themselves. However, some say it’s not good to put
mittens on. They deprive them the pleasure of touching different things. That
’s why we just let her scratch herself after she was 1 month old.

Booty and socks --- a couple of them would be fine.

New Mom Essentials
What to expect in the first year --- This is our bible.
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经常看到不少准妈妈在这里提出很多问题:买什么婴儿用品啦,那个牌子好啦,哪里便宜啦。在此把我的购物清单整理出来和各位分享一下,希望对大家有帮助。如果谁有更好的建议,欢迎补充指正。推荐两本书:What to Expect When You're Expecting和What to Expect in the first year。很多怀孕的的问题比如应不应该用手机电脑之类的都有专业的解答。
先说明一下,在亚马逊和baby center 的bbs上有很多美国爸爸妈妈们对产品的评价可以作为参考。我买东西的大原则是,时间精力充足的话,不妨等等sale找找deal,如果着急的话,冲到以下几个商店买一般不会太亏:Target,K mart,Wal mart,Toy’s R us(Baby’s R us) ,而且,只要有收据,东西完好,90天之内退换一般没什么问题。另外还有几个店属于集中卖别的大店剩下的货尾,多花时间在那里泡的话经常能淘到便宜的名牌好东西,但是种类繁复且数量不多,30天内退换兼手续麻烦:Ross (Dress for less),Big lots,Baby Depot(Burlington)。
买衣服被罩之类的应该以实用为主,最好是100% cotton并且要针数(count)较高,摸着厚实绵密的那种(标签上都有写的).外观的花巧主要是给大人们看的,但舒适与否却是宝宝的切身体会.

For sleep:
1. Crib $74.99 (K-mart sale).属于可以变成toddler’s bed的那种full size的. ,要准备好工具自己组装 .
2. Crib matress(K-mart)$69.99(Seally Delux Firm)
3. Crib set $39.99 (K-mart “Matha Stuwart “ )
4. Crib matress pad $8.99(“Snoozy “100% cotton.本地连锁店 sale 25% off)
5. Crib sheet $2.99(!00% cotton ,Ross sale)
6. Reciving blanket 这个要多买些,至少六条,而且不要买那种棉毛布的(就是美国医院通用的那种,等孩子大一点了就用不上了),洗了以后好硬.而且尺寸有大有小,要注意尽量买大一点的.

For bath:
1. Bath tub$15.99(JC Penny sale)
2. wash cloth$2.99六条(后来觉得用baby wipe 洗澡更方便,wash cloth 很多都不是纯棉,用着用着就起很多毛球)
3. Baby body wash ,lotion 之类的常见有以下几个牌子:

Aveeno(也是强生公司的产品,比较温和, hypoallergenic
Gerber(也是hypoallergenic的,比较便宜,baby’s r us sale买二送一,另加上coupon 就很便宜了.
Playtex Baby magic(也有买二送一)另外在它的网页上注册会送旅行装样品.

For Baby care:
1. Braun ear thermometer德国百灵牌电子体温计$8.99(原价29.99,baby’s r us sale 20%off + $5 coupon + $10 rebeat)
2. 指甲刀$1.49(target)
3. Car seat $69.99(JC Penny Sale)
注意car seat 要买带小遮蓬并且5 point harness就是腰上也有安全带扣子的那种。另外如果是曲柄把手的话拿着会顺手省力些。
4.Nasal aspitator,最好买特殊形状设计的,防止清洁时捅得过深,用于清洁宝宝的鼻腔。
7. Pacifier,有很多种,就看你的宝宝喜欢与否了。有的宝宝很喜欢Pacifier,也有的根本不需要。
8. 婴儿洗衣液,一般有以下几个牌子:
Dreft ,Ali ,Target自己的牌子,PUREX for baby,ALL for baby
另外,ALL还有一种free clear的也可以用来洗宝宝的衣物。

9. DIAPER 。宝宝的尿布是一项大开支,我买的是PAMPERS的,在TOYS‘ R US SALE 时25元一箱,比COSTCO便宜。建议准备一到二包NEW BORN的,再买两箱一至二号的即可。去PAMPERS网站注册会给你寄COUPON。
10. 放DIAPER的垃圾桶, 我买了SAFTY FIRST 的DIAPER PAL($16.99 TARGET),可以用普通的垃圾带安装,除味剂可以用普通的空气清新剂装在桶盖上, 另加点BAKEN SODA即可,PLAYTEX的DIAPER GENIE比较贵, 而且REFILL也不便宜.

For nursing and feeding
1. Nursing bra 四到六个,最好是90%以上棉的加一点点弹力材料,那样比较舒适又有点承托力。
2. BOPPY nursing pillow,用来垫着手臂很省力,喂宝宝久了不会腰酸背疼,此外亚马逊上面还有一种垫子也很好。
3. NURSING PAD。垫在内衣里面,防止奶水弄湿衣服。
4. NURSING CREAM建议准备一,用于缓解因哺乳引起的胸部疼痛,皲裂。如果难受的话还有Gerber 的therapy 可以买来用。
5. Dr Brown’s 奶瓶(BABY‘S R US $12.99三个8 OZ瓶)亚马逊评价最好的,可以有效防止婴儿吸入过多空气引起吐奶,腹痛,打嗝(等你做了爸妈就知道宝宝头三个月拍嗝是一件多么麻烦费心的事了)。唯一的缺点就是多了两个小零件,清洗有点麻烦,不过有洗碗机也没什么)。至于PLAYTEX的如何,没用过,不知道,可以参考亚马逊的评价。
6. Daiper bag(一般不用自己买,在医院会有奶粉公司的赠送)
7. BREAST PUMP,医院里向护士提出的话,会得到Medela 的手动pump,保险会替你给钱。我自己后来又买了Medela的小型电动pump,target卖79.99,我从ob那里买65。看了几个网站的评价,好像就是AVENT 的ISIS手动和MEDELA 的电动手动产品评价较好.不过,手动的还是挺累人的.
9. 奶瓶刷子(要买大的刷瓶子,小的刷NIPPLE)
10. 晾干奶瓶架子BOTTLE RACK。
11. 纯母乳喂养的话要在医生的指导下用INFANT DROP 补充维生素和铁。
最后,宝宝的衣物,这是最容易花冤枉钱的地方,准妈妈们看到可爱的小衣服总是很难会忍的住手的。其实最好等SALE,会比平时便宜很多,在TARGET, MERVYNS,ROSS,TOYS R US,GAP经常会打折有时75% OFF甚至更低。建议不要买所谓的new born或者0到3月的衣服,从3到6个月的开始买,那样利用率高一些。有时标签是不可信的,不同的牌子尺寸大小有些出入。我家小子不到两个月,一件所谓 6到9个月的衣服居然已经快不能穿了。

衣物中感觉最有用的是那种sleep and play的小青蛙连裤衫和body siut,不妨多买,其他的小帽子小鞋子小袜子之类的看个人喜好和出生时的季节天气了。


用于洗下身缝合的伤口用,我的OB建议我用加了EPSOM SALT(硫酸镁盐)的温水洗。另外,Aveeno 的oat meal smooth bath 也可缓解伤口疼痛和发痒。
TUKS PAD 和AMERICANE 喷剂,也是可以化解疼痛的。
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