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Format: Keynote speeches, panel discussions
Time: Thursday, November 7th, 2019, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Location: Z-park, 1000 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138



5:00-5:30 入场接待 Orientation
5:30-5:45 开幕与峰会背景介绍
Opening: Introduction of BCIC Urban Development and Real Estate Annual Summit.
5:45-6:10 主题演讲:住有所居——应对一个变化的波城
Keynote Speech: Housing a Changing City
6:10-7:00 主题一:州政府,市政府,开发商,投资者与当地团体在住房开发中的合作机制
Session 1: How public institutions, private sector and communities can work together to address the Boston housing crisis
Guest Speakers Presentation 嘉宾演讲
7:00-7:30 对话——政府,开发商和华人团体在房地产开发中的冲突与合作
Panel Discussion: Working together for changes, the implications for public sector, private sector and communities.
7:30 -7:45 晚餐和茶歇
Dinner and Coffee Break
7:45-8:45 主题二:顺应经济周期与城市规划的地产投资策略
Session 2:Participate in the Changes –How to invest responsibly and wisely in the current economic cycle
嘉宾演讲 Guest Speakers Presentation
8:45 – 9:00 现场问答环节 Q&A


Host 主持人

曲佳 Jia Qu,
Operating Manger, BCIC Real Estate Department
Ms. Qu is taking charge of the operation of BCIC real estate and community development department. She has strong interest and rich experience in real estate investment, since 2016, she has invested and managed residential real estate in many cities in the United States and Canada.
Opening and Introduction 主办方介绍

Michelle Yin, Founding Director, BCIC Real Estate & Community Development Department
Michelle Yin女士致力于推动住房政策的改善。她先后在多个非盈利组织在负责项目融资,筹款,赠款协议撰写和社区组织。在Urbanica担任开发经理期间,她主导完成了波士顿地区多个社区住宅开发项目的动议和审批,私募股权融资,市,州等公共住房基金申请。她在MIT城市规划系学习期间开始关注华人在城市发展中的影响力,并发起成立了BCIC 地产与社区发展部门。该组织旨在促进波士顿华人社群,投资者,开发者,市与州政府相关部门的对话。
Ms. Michelle Yin is concerned with housing public policy issues, and has served several non-profit organizations, responsible for financing, fundraising, grant proposal writing and community organization. During her time at Urbanica, she led development proposal and private equity financing in multiple community residential developments in the Boston area, as well as housing fund applications through multiple public channels of cities and states. During her studies at the MIT Urban Planning Department, she noticed the important role of Chinese Communities in urban development and initiated BCIC Real Estate and Community Development Department. The organization aims to promote dialogue between Chinese investors, local Chinese communities in Boston, community developers, and relevant departments of the city and state government.


Brian P. Golden, 波士顿规划局 局长
Director, Boston Planning & Development Agency

Brian P. Golden先生总体负责波士顿规划发展的各个方面,并专注于其主要负责的社区参与的计划和经济发展的核心使命。自1993年以来,Brian一直是麻省众议院议员,曾在波士顿的Allston-Brighton社区任职。他还是美国卫生与公共服务部新英格兰地区总监,马萨诸塞州电信与能源部专员,波士顿联邦住房贷款银行董事会成员。

Mr. Brian P. Golden oversees all aspects of the organization and focuses on executing its core mission of responsible, community-engaged planning, and economic development. An attorney since 1993, Brian is a former member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he served the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston. He was also the New England Regional Director at the US Department of Health and Human Services, a Commissioner at the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Energy, and a member of the Board of Directors at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston.

第一板块 州政府,市政府,开发商,投资者与当地团体在住房开发中的合作机制

Janelle Chan,

马萨诸塞州住房和经济部 副部长Undersecretary for Housing and Community Development

在2019年4月担任麻州住房经济部担任副部长前,陈女士是MBTA房地产部门主管,管理广泛的房地产和资产组合。之前,Chan曾担任亚洲社区发展公司(ACDC)的执行董事,在那里她管理着超过1.2亿美元的房地产投资组合,用于住房和商业房地产。管理房地产开发项目,其中包括在波士顿市中心开发345套经济适用房和市价住房的One Greenway混合用途,混合收入开发项目;并管理了参与式唐人街项目以及其他社区能力建设计划。

Janelle Chan joined the Baker-Polito administration in 2016 as the Chief of Real Estate for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) and managed an extensive real estate and asset portfolio. Previously, Chan was executive director at Asian Community Development Corporation (ACDC), where she maintained a real estate portfolio of over $120M in housing and commercial real estate; oversaw the real estate development pipeline, which included the development of the One Greenway mixed-use, mixed-income development with 345 units of both affordable and market rate housing in downtown Boston; and managed the Participatory Chinatown project along with other community-capacity building programs such as housing counseling.

Mark Teden, 马萨诸塞州MassHousing副总裁

Vice President of Multifamily Programs,MassHousing

Mark Teden先生负责监督MassHousing的多户家庭贷款的发起,承销和服务,领导开发新的贷款产品,并担任该机构多户家庭开发和管理业务线的主要联络人。在加入MassHousing之前,他曾担任Bruner / Cott&Associates,Inc.的董事总经理兼首席运营官,在此之前,他曾担任Cambridge Savings Bank的执行副总裁。此外,泰登先生还曾在Rohab’s Rehab,Inc.担任董事会成员20多年。

Mark Teden oversees the origination, underwriting and servicing of MassHousing’s multifamily loans, leads the development of new loan products and business opportunities, and serves as the primary liaison for the Agency’s multifamily development and management business lines. Immediately prior to joining MassHousing, he served as the Managing Principal and Chief Operating Officer for Bruner/Cott & Associates, Inc., and prior to that as Executive Vice President at Cambridge Savings Bank. In addition, Mr. Teden served as a Board member at Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc., for over 20 years.

Kamran Zahedi, President of Urbanica,Inc

Kamran Zahedi先生是Urbanica Inc.的总裁。Kamran于1980年从麻省理工学院毕业,获得建筑和土木工程学位。在过去的二十余年,Urbanica公司聚焦于服务发展中的社区,尤其是波士顿较低收入社区,在波士顿地区开发了多个代表性项目,包括多个energy+的低能耗示范住宅项目。他将分享申请政府对住宅开发的资金支持,并合理运用在低收入住宅项目中的经验。

Mr. Kamran Zahedi graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1980 with a degree in architecture and civil engineering. Over the past two decades, Urbanica has focused on service-developing communities, particularly Boston’s lower-income communities, and has developed several representative projects in the Boston area, including multiple energy+ low-energy demonstration residential projects. He will share the government’s financial support for residential development and rationalize his experience in low-income housing projects.

Bing Wang, Associate Professor, Harvard

Head of Real Estate and the Built Environment MDes area group

王教授的学术研究专注于建筑的形式表示与其潜在的资本力量,社会结构和经济引擎之间的相互作用。她是由美国房地产协会(American Real Estate Society)出版的《可持续房地产杂志》(Journal of Sustainable Real Estate)和英国的Routledge和英国皇家城市规划研究所(Royal Town Planning Institute)联合出版的《规划理论与实践杂志》(Journal of Planning Theory and Practice)的编辑委员会成员。

Professor Wang’s academic research focuses on the interplays between formal representations of the built environment and its underlying capital forces, social structure and economic engines. She is on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, published by the American Real Estate Society, and of the Journal of Planning Theory and Practice, co-published by Routledge and Royal Town Planning Institute of the UK.

第一板块讨论环节,主持人 Session 1 Moderator

Francis Goyes, Policy Innovation Associate MassHousing


She is currently a Policy Innovation Associate at MassHousing, where she works with MassHousing’s Executive Leadership team to generate and evaluate policies and programs that advance affordable housing in Massachusetts. Her work includes research and implementation of strategies to narrow the racial homeownership gap, support neighborhood stabilization, and assist communities plan for and build housing that is affordable.


Alex Sun, Data Scientist, MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab


Mr. Sun is currently a researcher and data scientist at the mit Real Estate Technology Innovation Lab, focusing on the real estate market for spatial metrology research, while focusing on the application of new technologies represented by ai in urban construction and investment. He founded GeoREIT, a spatial data processing and analysis company. He will share how alternative data and spatial models support real estate investment decisions.

Andrew Yam, Private equity real estate investment professional

Cross-border transactions experience in US and Asia 美國和亞洲的跨境交易經驗

任先生在美国和亚洲的房地产私募股权,投资银行和房地产开发领域拥有超过15年的经验。目前参与美国主要门户城市(包括波士顿,纽约和洛杉矶)约15亿美元房地产资产的投资管理。他有代表亚洲投资者投资美国和美国投资者投资亚洲的经验,涉及各种房地产投资策略的交易价值约48亿美元,资金筹集约21亿美元。任先生目前是Cottonwood Group的投资总监,之前就职于Phoenix Property Investors,雷曼兄弟房地产私募股权,花旗并购和新鸿基地产。在哈佛大学攻读硕士学位期间,任先生專門研究跨境房地产投资以及創立和領導成功的房地产企業。.

Andrew is a real estate investment professional with over 15 years of experience spanning real estate private equity, investment banking and property development in US and Asia. Based in Boston, Andrew is currently involved in the investment management of ~$1.5Bn real estate assets in major gateway cities in the US, including Boston, New York and Los Angeles. Andrew has worked on transactions representing Asian investors to invest in the US and US investors to invest in Asia, involving transaction value of ~$4.8Bn and fund raising of ~$2.1Bn across various real estate strategies. Andrew is currently the Director of Investments at Cottonwood Group and previously worked at Phoenix Property Investors, Lehman Brothers Private Equity Real Estate, Citi Mergers & Acquisitions, and Sun Hung Kai Properties. During his master program at Harvard, Andrew focused his research on cross-border real estate investments and building and leading high performance real estate companies.


Boston Chinese Investment Club


Boston Chinese Investment Club (BCIC) is a Boston registered non-profit organization founded by TCFA (The Chinese Finance Association) Boston organizers in 2010. It serves as Boston centered platform for exchanging ideas, knowledge, and information in finance/investment and related areas between US and China. Main activities include monthly seminars and roadshows. Join the BCIC mailing list to get our latest event information and job postings by registering for our events or send an email to boston.chinese.investment.club@gmail.com. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in participating in future roadshows or monthly events.