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If you've ever, in the course of your dating adventures, made any of the following remarks to a sympathetic girlfriend, you might want to consider the possibility that you're being just a tad too selective.

1. "But he lives, like, ten miles away!"

I once met a gal who considered me "geographically undesirable" because I lived in midtown Manhattan and she lived on the upper west side. (For those of you unfamiliar with New York, that's a 20-minute walk or a 10-minute subway ride.) It's okay to sweat the first number of your potential date's zip code, but paying too much attention to the last digit (or demanding that he live on the same block) may be a bit unrealistic.

2. "I was hoping for someone a little taller."

Just how much shorter is he than your romantic ideal: two inches, or two feet? If the latter, you're entirely within your rights to keep walking. If the former, well, imagine how you'd react if you overheard a guy saying, "I was hoping for someone a couple of pounds lighter." He'd be a grease spot on the pavement, right? There are lots of things that go into a great relationship, but ― unless you're one-half of a circus act ― height isn't one of them.

3. "I don't think he makes a lot of money."

Once again: does the guy make very little money, or only a bit less than J.R. on Dallas? There's no law that says you have to downscale your lifestyle for love; if you're used to dating doctors and lawyers, a high-school math teacher probably won't be a good match. But if you're looking for a guy who's worth a hundred grand a year, eliminating someone who pulls down only $75K is shortsighted. How do you know how much he could eventually make, with you behind him?

Location, height, income: those are the three biggies. The following quotes are presented as a public service to women who wonder why they're more likely to receive an AARP card in the mail before a phone call asking for a second date:

"I don't like the way he pronounces the word 'spaghetti.'"
"He's got this sandy-blonde hair thing going ― I was really hoping for someone with that salt-and-pepper look."
"Wait 'til I tell you what he ordered for an appetizer. Ewww!"
"I'm sorry, but if he can't grasp the ethical implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement, then he's simply not the one for me."
"He put the salad fork on the left side of the plate. On the left! Can you believe it?"
"His coat looked Armani, but I think it was a factory knockoff."
"One of his eyebrows is at least a quarter of an inch bigger than the other."
"He calls that a dog? It looked like a big hairy caterpillar."