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(1)Moved into our new house about a year, my family and I still remember Mr. Wang’s diligent service and sincere attitude. He helped us get there, each step of the way. He had been a wonderful ally in our search for a home. He was very specific and a tireless and enthusiastic partner, and had always maintained a patient understanding about all of our wants and needs. Jay answered our calls at all hours of the day and all days of the week. He ensured everything was in order with each of our meetings, our papers, escrow, all the way until the move.

In addition, Jay is the most sincere realtor within the many realtors I met. He always considers your interests and needs over finishing the buying process. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any reason, even outside the real estate community.

(2)Jay was extremely helpful in my search for an apartment. He went above and beyond what I expected most real estate professionals to do and was prompt in answering and returning calls. I highly recommend Jay for friendly and exceptional service

(3)Jay help us during our house hunting. Jay is a very patient and knowledgeable agent. He works hard and response quick. Our purchase process is very long due to house construction delay. He help us in each step to negotiate with the builder for our interests. I appreciate the service provided by Jay.
He helped me buy a sweet house and negotiate a good price for me. After we bought the house, he even kept helping us for house maintenance or other stuff which was painful for a first time house owner. He\\\'s a very professional agent and worth to trust with such a big life time invest. I am strongly recommend him to everybody. I have already recommend his service to all my friends. I\\\'d like them to enjoy the best service I have ever seen. Now we are friends and I will definitely use his service for my future realty deal.

(4)When my baby was almost due, My husband and I realized that we need to give our daughter a real home. We started to shop around the house with zero knowledge of what to do, and what is the criteria of a good house. Jay helped us out! He was so patient and educated us about the process of buying a house and which part that we should pay attention to when he was showing us a house. He did show me a lot of houses! Thanks for Jay\\\'s hard work, we finally found our dream house.

The next big step is to negotiate with the buyer. Jay always put our interest as the first priority. With his smart negotiation, we saved us $15,000 in total. That was great, especially for a family who need more cash to feed the brand new baby.

In terms of home inspection, Jay is so experienced and gave us a lot of expertise advices.

Jay, Very smart, very responsible, with tons of expertise knowledge in terms of buying a home, is my favorite agent! I highly recommend him as your agent!

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