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Jen Overberg Realtor诚信,专业,负责,争取您的推荐
电话: 781-856-8218
地址: 400 Trade Center, Suite 5900
        Woburn, MA

诚信, 专业, 负责, 争取您的推荐
Reliable, professional, Responsible, Earn your referrals!

电话-Phone: 781-856-8218


传真-Fax: 1-866-434-7309

地址-Address:400 Trade Center, Suite 5900, Woburn, MA, 01801

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买房卖房是人生大的投资, 我擅长于准确判断房子升值潜力,为您的投资获取高回报率。


买房: 市场调查,找房,签合同,房屋检验,价格谈判,贷款, 交房。可以为您推荐专业可靠的贷款顾问,各种 房屋检验员,和 房地产律师。

卖房: 市场调查,售房展示准备,价格谈判。可以为您推荐专业可靠的房地产律师。


Buying and selling real estates is big investment in life. My strength is at correctly judging the potential

of real estates, and earning the highest return rate for your investment.

I will support you through each detail of buying and selling houses;

Buying house: Market Analysis, House Searching and Evaluation, Offer, Home inspection, Price

Negotiation, Purchase and Sales, Loan, and Final Walk-through; I can recommend reliable and highly

reputed loan officer, home inspectors, and real estate attorney.

Selling house: Market Analysis, Pricing, House Staging before putting house on the market; I can

recommend reliable and highly reputed real estate attorney.

I hold an M.S of Applied Physics from University of Massachusetts.

Please use at your own risk.